Learn How to Do the Macarena

April 24, 2017

The macarena made the 90s a crazy fun dance fest.

Cruise ship gatherings, weddings, and nights on the town all became lasting memories when dancers joined together to do the macarena.

Sadly, a whole generation doesn’t know the joys of doing this dance. But don’t worry.

We’re bringing back the macarena!

The Perfect Dance to Bring Back

The macarena is:

  • easy to learn
  • high-energy
  • timeless.

The dance comes from the first track on the album A Mi Me Gusta by 90s duo Los Del Rio.

The song was a massive hit that took the world by storm.

The dance is still being done at a lot of events, but many young dancers don’t know how to fall in step with the fun.

It’s time for them to learn.

How to Get Your Macarena Groove On

Throughout the whole dance, keep the hips and shoulders moving in time to the music.

Add the following steps.

Extend Your Hands

Extend your right arm forward in front of your body, palm facing down.

Extend your left arm the same way.

Keep time with the music when performing both hand extensions.

Rotate Your Hands

Rotate your right hand to the ceiling.

Rotate your left hand to the ceiling.

Keep time with the music when performing both hand rotations.

Touch Your Shoulders

move your extended right hand to your left shoulder.

Move your extended left hand to your right shoulder.

Keep time with the music when performing both shoulder touches.

Touch Behind Your Head

Move your right hand behind your head, elbow facing out.

Move your left hand behind your head, elbow facing out.

Keep time with the music when performing both head touches.

Move Your Hands to Your Hips

Place your right hand on your left hip

Place your left hand on your right hip.

Keep time with the music when performing both hip touches.

Your Hand Are on Your Hips So Give Those Cheeks a Squeeze

Things switch up here.

Your hands are on your hips with your arms crossed low in front of your body.

Reach your right hand to your right tush cheek and give it a squeeze.

Reach your left hand to your left tush cheek and give it a squeeze.

Keep your hands in place on your cheeks then shake your hips.

Jump Up and Turn Around with a Clap

At this point in the song, you’ll hear the intensity building. That means it’s time to

  • do a light jump
  • turn clockwise in the air
  • land softly on your feet with a clap

and start again!

The song keeps playing until you jump your way back into the same direction you started in.

Don’t be afraid to show off during each turn.

Give Your Version Some Flair with Dancer Mag Tips

When doing the hand movements, keep the arms strong.

Make your hand placements matter. Never let the hands flap.

Here at Dancer Mag, we know a lot of tips that can make your version of the macarena unique.

Contact us to learn more!

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