Learn How to Slow Dance (and Go from Zero to Hero!)

May 28, 2017

How to Slow DanceSo, you’ve watched some of the best dance scenes in Hollywood history and you want to learn some of the moves for yourself.

Or maybe you have an event coming up, want to impress someone special, or just want to learn how to move!

We’re here to help. In this post, we’re telling you everything you need to know how to slow dance.

 Step 1: Ask Someone To Dance

The first step in learning how to slow dance? Making sure you know how to ask someone the right way!

First, you’ll notice it’s a slow dance when you hear a song with a slower beat, and see other couples taking to the floor.

Even if you came with a partner, it’s always nice to ask them if they’d like to dance, rather than just insisting they get on the floor. Also, it’s 2017 – a man or a woman can ask someone to dance.

You don’t need to act like Prince William, either. Keep your invitation casual. Try something like, “Want to join them?” or a simple, “Shall we?”

Step 2: Escort Your Partner To The Floor

After your invitation has been accepted, take your partner’s arm (linking elbows) and head to a comfortable place on the floor. Take your time – it’s not a race!

If you’re both nervous, you can lighten the mood with a joke, or even admit how you’re feeling.

Step 3: Learn How To Hold Your Arms

Once you’ve found a comfortable spot on the dance floor, it’s time to begin the actual dance!

The man’s right hand should be placed on the woman’s left hip, just above the hipbone. (The man can also place his right hand in the middle of the woman’s back.)

The man’s left hand should hold the woman’s right. Both partners should bend elbows and should hold their arms out at about shoulder level.

The woman should put her left hand/arm on the man’s right shoulder.

In general, it’s a good idea to stand about a foot apart, especially if you’re just getting to know your partner.

Step 4: Learn To Move!

Most people are intimidated by slow dancing, but in reality, it’s not that difficult!

First, just focus on moving at the same beat/tempo as the music. It’s always a good idea to remind yourself to slow down, especially if you’re a little nervous.

If you’re really a beginner, you can just move your weight back and forth, swaying from your left to right foot. You can move in a circle as you do this.

As you get better, you can also just move one foot slightly to the right, then bring your left foot over to join it.

Don’t forget to make casual conversation with your partner to ease any awkwardness you both feel. Even if you know other people on the floor, it’s best to keep your conversation between you and your partner.

Resist the temptation to call out to other couples.

You Know The Basics Of How To Slow Dance!

No matter the occasion, knowing how to dance will help you to feel more confident and to have more fun!

To learn how to master other moves and dances, spend some time on our website.

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