How To Shuffle Dance: A Beginner’s Tutorial

May 29, 2017

How To Shuffle DanceShuffle dancing may sound antiquated, like something your grandparents did at parties.

Still, everything old is new again, and this dance is no exception! Today, we’re here to teach you how to shuffle dance.

The shuffle is taking the EDM scene by storm, which may be surprising, but it makes sense. The dance is fluid while still being energetic and active.

How to shuffle dance: step by step

If you’re ready to stop being a wallflower and bust out some nice moves at your next shindig, you may be wondering where to start.

Never fear. We’ve got the key steps for how to shuffle dance right here. Ready to get on your feet? Read on, and we’ll teach you.

The T-Step

  • For this move, stand with your feet about a foot apart. This is a little less than shoulder-width for your beginning stance.
  • Lift your right foot, shuffle the left foot inward. You should only lift your right foot about 6 inches. Let your knee lift while your calf and foot move away from your body.
  • As you shuffle your left foot, make sure your toes point inward, not outward. This moves needs to be smooth and simultaneous.
  • Shuffle your left foot outward and point your right foot back down. You only want the toes and the ball of your foot touching the ground. At the same time, shuffle your left foot back outward (so the toes face outward).
  • Take 5 steps to the right. Now, practice! Move to the right, in the direction your foot points.
  • Move to the left! Switch sides and practice the motion on the opposite side.

The running man

  • Lift your right foot about 6 inches into the air. Your knee needs to be lifted a tiny bit. Don’t move your left foot!
  • Drag your left foot backward about a foot. Your right foot needs to stay lifted.
  • Plant your right foot down and let your left foot come up onto its toes.
  • Lift your left foot. This is the exact same motion as before, just reversed.
  • Now, drag your right foot backward, just as you did to your left before.
  • Plant your left foot. Now you’re able to repeat the motion on the other side!

Put them together

If you want to be a true shuffle master, you’ll need to be able to switch between these two moves smoothly.

If you start off doing the T-Step, just move to one side and switch off.

It’s also pretty easy to switch the other way around, from running man to T-Step.

Since the running man is a stationary move, turn your body 90 degrees to one side. This will let you start moving from left to right as you do your T-Step.

The important thing is to wait until your feet ar planted before you start.

Master these basic steps and you’ll soon be able to remix it!


As with any other kinds of dance, the shuffle will take the time to master.

The dance is active, and there’s a lot of coordination that goes into to doing the moves correctly.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re not able to catch on immediately. Keep practicing! Anything works doing takes the time to do correctly.

If you want to know more about shuffle dancing or other types, check out our dance guides!

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