How to Give a Lap Dance Without Getting Embarrassed

May 28, 2017

How to Give a Lap DanceWhen most women think about giving a lap dance, they feel embarrassed.

We know. Even the idea of a lap dance may make you feel awkward!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, giving a lap dance can actually be a rewarding experience.

If you’re in the right mindset that is.

So keep reading, because we’re about to show you how to give a lap dance and get over that embarrassment.

How to Give a Lap Dance: The History

Did you know that erotic dancing was first mentioned in the Bible?

It’s true!

The daughter of the Jewish Princess Herodias performed a seductive Dance of the Seven Vails. Her intent was to please King Herod during his birthday celebration.

Herod was so impressed with her dance that he granted her anything she desired.

She desired the head of John the Baptist but that’s irrelevant, she got what she wanted and you can, too!

How to Give a Lap Dance: Instructions for Her

Dancing is part psychological, part physical. Especially when it comes to lap dancing.

So before you learn the physical moves, first learn psychologically how to give a lap dance.

Trust me, you’ll both enjoy it way more:

  • Give Yourself a Break: This is supposed to be fun so stop worrying about how you’re doing it and just allow yourself to move in a way that feels natural and good for you.
  • Don’t Forget to Breathe: Not only will it help you relax and destress, lap dancing is an exercise. Stay connected with your breath and it will help your dancing improve.
  • Location, Location, Location: Choosing the right setting for your lap dance is key. Keep doors locked, light candles, wear a sexy red number and choose music that makes you feel happy, confident, and sexy.
  • Choose the Right Wardrobe: It’s hard to dance seductively in sweats. Or something so tight you can’t move. Choose a wardrobe that moves with you, feels comfortable and most importantly, makes you feel sexy.

Confidence definitely shows through so don’t forget to tell yourself how hot, amazing, beautiful and confident you are before you start.

If you’re uncomfortable in any way, it will show.

How to Give a Lap Dance: Instructions for Him

Now that you’re feeling a bit more comfortable, it’s time to set the mood for your significant other.

Here are some easy tips to get your man quickly in the mood:

  • Get Him in the Mood: Try things like sending little teasing notes or texts throughout the day. Even a quick shot of some lace can be enough to get him excited with anticipation.
  • Dominate with Attitude: This is a lap dance. You’re a hot, sexy woman who knows what she wants. Act like it from the moment he walks through the door. It’s part of the fun!
  • Start Off Slowly: You want to tease him. Make him want more but without being able to do something about it. Go slow when you start taking off your clothing, he’ll love the tease.
  • Boobs or Butts: Does your man prefer breasts or buttocks in his face? Each man is different so gauge his reaction to see what he likes and what he doesn’t. Then adjust accordingly.

There is no wrong or right way to give a lap dance. The point is to try something new, have fun, and enjoy time with your partner.

Want to learn more styles of dancing?

Visit often to see which ones we’ve included!

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