How to Dance Tango

April 24, 2017

How to Dance TangoWhat is the dance of love?

There is no competition. It can only be the Tango!

This sensual style of dance has an Argentinian heritage and is impressive to watch.

Tango dancing has been featured in many Hollywood movies including Take the Lead (Antonio Banderas) and Moulin Rouge (Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman).

While it can be a little tricky to master, there are some basic moves you can try at home.

1. It’s all about the music

For any dance routine to be successful it is essential you have the right music. Try putting on some Carli di Sarli and close your eyes. Let your body move freely and get familiar with the genre.

2. Master the Tango basics

The 8 count basic step is the first routine you need to work on. Get familiar with the saying “slow, slow, quick, quick, slow”. Each “slow” is worth 2 counts, and each “quick” is worth 1. Repeat this in your head until it sticks!

Start without a partner and see if you can remember what comes next without overthinking each move. Don’t forget to check your posture!

3. Know where to move your feet

When you start you might feel as though you have two left feet, but you will get the hang of it. We promise!

As there are two positions, your foot movement will depend on whether you are leading or following. The follower will ultimately be a mirror image of the leader.

How to lead:

  • Start with the left foot, moving forward one step.
  • Move forward with the right foot to meet the left
  • Take another step forward with the left foot
  • With the right foot, take a step to the right
  • Move the left feet to meet the right foot
  • Start again

If you are gradually going around in circles you are doing it right!

4. Grab a partner

As Tango is a passionate dance, you will eventually need to work with a partner. The right embrace will help to support your dancing and keep your moves flowing.

Maintain strong eye contact with your partner.

If you are leading, be confident. Make your moves strong so they can predict where you are going next.

If you are following, let your partner guide you.

How to embrace:

The leader places their left hand in the followers right hand. The leader then places their right arm around their partner with their hand sitting on the back. The follower does the opposite.

The correct placing of the second hand should be under the shoulder blades in a centered position. You should both feel comfortable and supported.

It may be awkward when beginning with a new partner, but just remember you are both there to dance!

5. Add some interest

Once you have worked out how to coordinate the basic “slow, slow, quick, quick slow” with your partner you can begin to mix it up. You can even start to add turns and dips to your routine.

The style of music allows you to move your hips and go with the flow. There is a reason the Tango is so popular! It is fun!

Once you have learned the basics you can explore other moves and routines by joining a dance class. Dancing is great fitness and a way to get out there and meet new people.

Have you tried the Tango?

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