Step-By-Step Guide to Belly Dancing for Beginners

May 28, 2017

Belly Dancing for BeginnersBelly dancing is a great way to get in shape, and it’s gaining momentum as a fitness trend! If you’re just starting out, no worries. Belly dancing for beginners is very easy to pick up.

Curious if you can manage it, or ready to learn a fun, exotic dance? Read on to learn how – all without expensive lessons!

Belly dancing for beginners: step by step

Warm up!

The first step to any fitness activity is to warm up your muscles. This prevents you from straining yourself or leading to cramps or other injuries.

Some good ideas for warm ups are head rolls and twists. Anything that gets you used to your body moving is great.

Start with the head

The first step is to move your head in circles, but you want to keep your head level. You don’t want to be flinging your neck and head all over the place.

When you’re first starting out, move your head clockwise until you become used to the motion. Once it feels natural, move your head counterclockwise.

Keep going by sliding your head from the left to the right, but make sure to keep your head level. A good way to gauge this is to make sure your nose is always pointing straight ahead.

Add your shoulders

Start to add your shoulders to the equation by moving them in circles. Move them forward and up, then back down.

Once you become comfortable with that, shimmy them. If you don’t know how, move your right shoulder forward, and move your left shoulder back. Get used to the motion before you speed it up – you’ll definitely feel this in your ribs!

Ribs and belly

Speaking of ribs, they’re our next addition!

Slide your rib cage from side to side. Don’t include your hips just yet. Focus on moving your ribs in a circle: right to front, front to left, left to back.

After that, we’re finally at the belly part!

You need to learn how to roll your belly. Pull in both the bottom and top halves of your belly.

Release both halves.

You’ll have to move slowly at first, but you’ll be able to gradually speed up to to the point where it looks like you’re rolling your belly.

Hips and arms!

For the last part of our belly dancing recipe, we’re throwing in the hips and arms!

Just like how you shimmied your shoulders, you need to shimmy your hips.

Keep your torso still and move your hips gently from side to side. Get used to the motion, pick up speed.

Also, another fun move is to circle your hips. Bend your knees, keep your ribs still, and move your hips in a circle. Reverse the motion.

As for your arms, you don’t want to neglect them!

An easy way to get them involved is to visualize them as dancing snakes. Lift your arms slowly and practice lifting them in natural, fluid motions.


Belly dancing for beginners is a great way to get in shape while learning fun and sensual new moves.

Like with any new hobby, this will take practice to get just right. Just because the movements are simple doesn’t mean they don’t take some getting used to!

Remember, belly dancing is supposed to look smooth and fluid. These are moves your body isn’t used to, so keep practicing and you’ll be able to move like the best of them!

Curious about belly dancing or other types of dance? Check out our dance guide!

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